1. Just a few lazy shots of my adorable Kenta.  Such fluff~

  2. Anonymous
    Your dolls are so beautiful! Could you tell me what sculpts Xander and Kenta are? They're just so cute

    Ahh, thank you! :D  Xander is a SWITCH Taeheo and Kenta is a Volks FCS F-20 (modded — the SD10/SD13 size, the MSD F-20 is a different sculpt).

    Thank you again!  Kenta and Xander are definitely some of my favorites — Kenta, especially.  He’s a special sculpt you rarely see around!

  3. saskha:

Megane Damian by RoosterBlue
  4. I’ve reopened my faceup shop!  I hope you’ll consider offering a reblog to help signal boost - anything is appreciated!

    Link to DoA Thread: [click]

    Price list for those who aren’t Den of Angels members:

    • SD & Larger - $65
    • MSD - $55
    • YoSD & Smaller - $50
    • Eye Opening - $25
    • Ear Piercing Holes - $10
    • Body Blushing - $35 for SD & Larger, $30 for MSD and $25 for YoSD & Smaller
    • Eyelash Service - Free if provided by you ; $5 if requested (while supplies last)
    • Faceup Removal - $10
  5. geekisthecolour posted a fun comparison of her first photo and her latest photo of her dolls and encouraged others to do the same!  So here is mine!  The first photo of the first doll I ever owned — and the last photo of a doll that I own.  (Technically, my last doll photos were of God, but God belongs to Tricia, so he wouldn’t count!)

    …My photos have certainly received more editing as time goes on.

  6. The Morningstar and God, spending some quality time together.

  7. Marathoning Supernatural (dear god, what am I getting myself into) gave me a chance to give Xander (my SWITCH Taeheo) a new faceup.  It’s very similar to his first one (I think), just softer and no gloss on his lips.  I really like it!

  8. trowicia:

    Group shots of some of mine and Noah's Heaven and Hell dolls.

  9. Decided to do an updated picture of all of our dolls!  The top picture is from 2012, I believe.  The bottom picture is our most recent collection (minus my Heliot’s floating head, since Shino stole his body).

    I have many doll-related goals including finding sculpts for more of our boys (including Joe, Rooster, and Horatio), repainting God and Xander, getting new SD13 boy clothes, a suit for Sebastian and more)!

  10. More Damian spam.  I really love how he almost looks like he could be sweating in these pictures.  Calm down, Damian, dealing with guardian angels can’t be all that bad.

  11. Damian is all business (and he looks rather good in glasses).  Damian is a Soom Phonolus.

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